Protestant Church of America                        The lost tribes of Israel found!! Brothers in Israel!! Brothers in Christ!! Fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant!! Fulfilment of the Great Commission!! The Who’s Who of Tribulation The 7 Headed Beast = The United Nations Government The Mystery Babylon = The United States Government The Whore on the Beast = The United States Government The Virgin Daughter of Babylon & Zion = The Christian United States of America The 10 Horns of the Beast = The 10 regions the United Nations has divided the world into. The little Horn/the Anti-Christs = Modern Israel The 2nd Beast = the S.C. O The Dragon = China The Remnant & the Elect = The True Christians The 2 Witnesses = Ephraim & Manasseh    Ephraim & Manasseh = The United States & the United Kingdom The Regathering of the tribes of Israel = The United States  of America Armageddon = The United States  The Bride of Christ = New Jerusalem (location North America) The Wilderness = The Wilderness of North America The Rapture; the dead shall rise = The 7th Trump/ the last Trump  The Mystery of God = Revealed on the 7th Trump/ the last Trump  Jesus sends his Angels to gather His Remnant/Elect. = The 7th Trump/ the last Trump The New Jerusalem descends = The 7th Trump/ the last Trump  The Anti-Christ(s) = Edom/Edomites/Jews who say they are jews but are not. The true Israel = The European descendant Peoples & their many Nations.    The False Prophet(ic) = Modern Israel Glastonbury Abbey Glastonbury Abbey - discover the history Looe / St George's Island St Just in Roseland Church, Cornwall Rev. Peter Scothern *All information provided on the website is for research and educational purposes only. We do not endorse any services or products or sites* Add: D.J. Smith’s story This is the star of remphan an Egyptian & Babylonian god. It is not the star of David or Solomon, but a pagan corruption that helped lead to the down fall of  Israel & Judah. Amos 5:26 & Acts 7:43 Rev. 3:9 Apostasy of the Church = First three Chapters of Revelation. This is not the rapture of the Church, but the apostasy of the Church. This leaves only a Remnant/Elect of the True Christians in the Church. The founders America; Before the country became apostate.