On-line European Israeli Church of Jesus Christ                                                         Basic Christian Knowledge God Almighty, the Great I AM is the God of gods, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. He is the one true & pure good God. Our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the Son of God & one with God. He is the word of God. Jesus (the word of God) came into the world through Immaculate Conception. Jesus was born of a virgin, the Virgin Mary. Jesus came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel; to reunite and redeem the tribes back into the marriage. Jesus lived in Britain with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea for most of his so called lost years. Jesus led a miraculous life. Jesus took stripes from a scourge, so that we are healed. Jesus gave his life on the cross to pay for our sins, so we can have salvation. Jesus purchased the entire field for his special treasure.  Jesus arose from the dead & left the grave empty. Jesus ascended into heaven to be with the Father. The Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, was sent to help us after Jesus went to be with the Father. Jesus’s sheep, the lost tribes of Israel, the European descendant people, heard Jesus’s voice and took the word of God unto the entire world and formed Christendom; which is the Kingdom of Christ. Christendom was the thousand years reign and the fulfilment of the Great Commission. The lost sheep of the House of Israel, the European descendant people, formed a multitude of nations and fulfilled the Abrahamic covenant.  The tribes of Israel fled persecution and into the wilderness of North America and formed the foundation of New Jerusalem. The Holy City, the Promised Land, with an eastern and western seas and with un-walled cities and multitudes of cattle. The Lords people have been a blessing unto the entire world. The European descendant people give hundreds of billions of dollars each year to charity to help other peoples throughout the world. The Government also spends trillions to help people in other countries. The tares (the Anti-Christ edomites) have turned the Virgin Daughter (the United States) into a whore. A whore that rides the 7 headed beast (the United Nations has 7 Security Council heads and has divided the world into 10 sections) In one hour the whore (U.S.) will be destroyed by the beast (S.C.O.) and the events of tribulation will increase. A Camp of the Saints will be formed by Jesus’s remnant that has come out of mystery Babylon (U.S.). These are those who keep Gods commandments and have the Testimony of and faith in Messiah Jesus Christ. The beast and false prophet are removed from command and cast into the lake of fire. The beast’s army (Gog & Ma-Gog or today called China, Russia and their S.C.O. alliance) surrounds the Camp of the Saints. Jesus’s remnant (the true Christians) will survive until he sends his angels on the 7th  trump (the last trump of tribulation) to gather us up and take us to the wedding feast. Jesus returns on the last of the 7th trump, the mystery of God is now reveled, and he sends down fire to destroy the beast and the unrepentant. The bride of Christ (the Holy City) comes down to earth and becomes the Kingdom of Heaven.             The European Israeli belief                   We believe that the whole testament; old and new is the word of God. They complete each other; they do not contradict each other. If we think they contradict each other. It is because we lack understanding of the God's word. We should then seek, study and pray to find the correct understanding. We believe we are all creations of the Lord God Almighty, the Great I Am. We know that Jesus Christ is the son of God Almighty. Jesus was brought into earthly flesh by immaculate conception, born of a virgin birth, led a miraculous life, fulfilled prophecy, was tortured by many stripes so that we can be healed, gave up his earthly life on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins so we can be cleansed of sin and have salvation. Jesus conquered sin and death when he arose from the dead three days later.  We believe the son of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was sent for our salvation. All who choose to follow God, repent of their sins and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ will be saved from their sin. Jesus purchased the field (the world) for his special treasure (Israel). We believe that you cannot freely choose to sin, after becoming a true Christian. We believe that God has sent the Comforter to help us till Jesus returns. We believe that what we ask in the name of Jesus will be granted to us if it is not in conflict of God's law and God's will. We believe the word of God was written for the people of Adam and given to the Israelite to take to all of the world, so that all may receive salvation and walk in the ways of God. We believe it was the duty of the Israelite to take the word of God unto the world and it is the duty of the remnant to hold fast until the end, the last trump, the 7th trump; when the mystery of God is revealed and is the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We believe that the remnant of God’s people are those who keep the laws of God and has faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ. We believe that Europe and the former European empires are the covenant people of the house of Israel. It is these very people that have formed a multitude of nations and have been a blessing to the entire world. This is the fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant. We believe that Jesus came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel to unite all the tribes of Israel into the body of Christ and back to God‘s special treasure; back into the marriage. To The Israelite and Judaite alike. His sheep (the Europeans) heard his voice and took the word of God unto the entire world; fulfilling the great commission. We believe that the early church knew that they were the house of Israel. This is where many make the mistake of dispensationalism; thinking that the Church took the place of Israel, but in fact Israel became and was the Church of Christ. Christ's sheep heard his voice and followed him. We believe that the true (Church) Christians are the body of Christ; and as the body of Christ we must do the Lords work.  your work shows your faith! We believe that those who come into the body of Christ, the true Church, gain citizenship into Israel. (eph- 2: 12-13) They should now keep the laws of God & have faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ. We believe that the original Hebrew religion ended in the Babylonian captivity and a Babylonian jewish religion was created. This religion was infiltrated and corrupted by Babylonians and their religions. These corruptions brought forth the Babylonian Talmud and kabala. It is logical to assume that; the Pharisees and scribes that Jesus had conflict with were of the same linage as these Babylonian infiltrators or at least misguided followers of the Babylonian corruptions. We believe that Jesus came to fix the corruption, put us back on the right track, be our mediator to God Almighty, heal our illness, injuries, diseases, weaknesses and to give us a the way of salvation from our sins. He is Our Messiah. We believe that the Jewish followers missed the Messiah and are being misled by the Babylonian corruption as well as the later infiltrations by the Khazzars. We believe the Khazzars & Edomites are the ones who infiltrated the Jewish religion for the purpose of setting up communism and a new world order. They have brought forth the international financiers, Illuminati, secret societies, socialism, communism, UN, CFR, Federal reserve, central banks of the world and the new world order. These are the Anti-Christs. We believe The Edomites are the tribes of Esau. The Edomites are the man of sin & are the anti-Christs. Not one anti-Christ, but many and they are here now! Not to be confused with the beast of Revelation, like the apostate main stream churches of today do. We believe Herod and his family line was and is Edomite. Herod was clearly an anti- Christ.  When the Jewish returned from Babylon the land had been taken over by the Edomites, who also mixed with them & took control.  We believe The Babylonian and Khazzarian corruptions are referred to as the synagogues of satan and the money changers. We believe that the Khazzarian is a migrated cousin of the Babylonian. We believe that Adam and eve are the Blue and green eyed Caucasian creations. They were created 7-10 thousand years ago south of the black sea (Eden). This is confirmed by most anthropologists today. We believe that there were at least three pre-Adamic creations.                                                                   1.) The African creation (Africanius) from which the black people come from.                                                     2.) An Asian creation (the Peking man) from which the Asians come from and is supported by Chinese archaeologists and anthropologists.                                                                                                                       3.) The European creation (the CroMagnon) from which the brown eyed Caucasian originated this is the only group that could marry with the Adamites, although not all of them. (They may have had green eyes as well.) We believe that the so called evolutionary changes are due to breeding and cross breeding of these groups of people. The same way you get a thousand different breeds of dogs from only the wolf.  We believe that the many of the fossilized skeletal fragments that scientists have found of ape like creatures are just exactly that. Ape like creatures created by God. We believe that the first six days in Genesis are 24 hours long from God’s perception and location within existence. The first six days are from God’s perception, not Adams because he was not created until late in creation. Due to the expansion rate of the universe, these first six days cover billions of geological years on earth. The days after this are of Adams perception and cover 7-10 thousand years, just like the bible says. We believe that Noah’s flood was of Noah’s world (the Middle East). This consists of the land between the mountains of the Middle East and is confirmed by sediment in the region relating to that time period showing that a great flood had occured. Noah’s ark may have been found in the Mountains of Ararat at about 6,000 feet above sea level.   We believe that these should be the Holy days (Holidays)of all Christians:                                                                              (Meant For Historical Educational purpose; not for salvational purpose, because Salvation is through Jesus) 1.) The 7 feasts of Israel and how they are tied to Jesus Christ.                                                                      2.) The Immaculate Conception: approximately December 23/25.                                                                           3.) The Birth of Jesus Christ:  approximately  September 25                                                                               4.) Thanksgiving  November  26 5) Independence Day- The regathering of the tribes of Israel- The day a nation was born in a day; July 4th   On-line European Israeli Church of Jesus Christ The lost tribes of Israel found!! *These are our beliefs of what is; to the best of our understanding at this point in time*  Calendar of the Saints  Common Book of Prayer