Protestant Church of America                                                         Theoretical Timeline of history 15 billion years ago                  Creation = the big bang (s)                                    (Day/Age 1) 7.75 billion years ago              Firmament of heaven created= the Milky way formed      (Day/Age 2) 3.75 billion years ago              Let the waters be gathered = Liquid water formed         (Day/Age 3) 1.75 billion years ago              Let the light be divided into day and night = our sun began to shine (Day 4) .75  billion years ago               Abundantly teaming with life = Pre-Cambrian explosion       (Day/Age 5)  .25 billion years ago              God creates the beasts of the earth = Fish, birds, animals and beasts  (Day 6)     500 thousand years ago            Africanus (Africans) & Peking man (Asians) created (pre-Adamites)                                                                                            400 thousand years ago           Lucifer & the fallen angels cast down to the planet; later become                                                       known as the gods and beasts of mythology.  390 thousand years ago         Lucifer & fallen angels begin genetic manipulation and crossbreeding of the                                                     beasts and pre-Adamites to develop a suitable slave race. Some of these                                                     manipulations become known as Giants, Cyclopes, hobbits and the various                                                      types of early Africans and Asians . 100 thousand years ago        Neanderthals  created                                                 50 thousand years ago          Cro-Magnon (Brown eyed Caucasian, Maybe some Green eyed too) 13 thousand years ago        Worldwide floods & calamity to push back & weaken the luciferian                                                  corruptions.                                                   Day/Age 8  (2nd Chapter of Genesis) 6-10,000 years ago            Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve created (1st blue & green eyed people)                                                 (Some believe this to be Day 8  & some the last part of day 6) 2248 B.C.                              Flood of the land (earth) of Noah. 2200 B.C. (Aprox)                Lord God Almighty destroys the Babylonian attempt for a one world order.                                                The tower of Babel. 1875 B.C. (est.)                    Joseph sends Israelities & Egyptians to start new communities in North                                                America due to the famine in Egypt. They colonized from the Grand Canyon                                                region to possibly a cave in Southern Illinois. 1373-1047                           Israel under God’s rule of Judges 1020-722 B.C.                     United  Kingdom of Israel in Canaan 722  B.C.                               House of Israel taken into Assyrian captivity. The lost sheep begin to migrate                                                Throughout Europe & Brittan forming a multitude of nations. (Abrahamic                                                covenant) 586 B.C.                                House of Judah taken into Babylonian captivity = the end of the Hebrew                                                religion and the beginning of the Jewish  corruption by the Chaldeans &                                                Babylonians. Who are edomites / descendants of Esau (Red). Formation of the                                                Pharisees, money changers and the synagogues of satan. 500-600 B.C.                       Jeremiah takes princess Tea Tephia to the British Isles and fosters the start of                                               the Israelite religion in Tara Ireland. 760-380 B.C.                        25th-29th Egyptian Dynasty- “The decline and fall of Egypt.”                                                Black people came into Egypt and slowly gained control, which led to the end                                                of Egypt and its greatness.   3 B.C.                                     Immaculate Conception of Messiah Jesus Christ. (Dec. 23/25th) 2 B.C                                     Birth of Messiah Jesus Christ. (Sept. 29th ish) 8 A.D                                     Jesus goes with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea on trading expeditions to                                               Europe & Britain.    27 A.D.                                 Jesus begins his Ministry. 30 A.D                                  Death (crucifixion) , burial and Resurrection of the Lord  Jesus Christ.                                               Messiah Jesus Christ crucified by the Jewish elite, who used their great                                               influence with Caesar to get their way & forcing the hand of Pilot.                                               Later the Jewish elite, forces Jesus's mother Mary & uncle Joseph of arimathea                                               and other Disciples of Christ out to sea in a boat with no sails or rudder in an                                               attempt to kill/ get rid of them and Christianity.                                              36 A.D                                Joseph, Mary & Disciples arrive in Britain and form true Christianity.                                              Money Changers gain great influence over the Roman Empire and continue                                              persecutions of the Christians.                                       200-300 A.D                    King Arthur; the Great Grandson of Joseph of Arimathea reigns in the British Isles         300’s A.D.                         Pantheists/Catholics infiltrate the Nazarenes Church in Europe and work to                                            exterminate the original apostolic Christianity and later the reformation                                            movements. The Anti Christ Jewish elite hold great influence through out the                                            Roman Empire and over the persecution of the Christians.                                              The Pharisees & Money Changers help mix the mystery religion of Babylon                                            (Paganism) with Christianity to form the Catholic religion (Simon magus = the                                            St. Peter of the Catholic religion) The pantheists push out the Nazarenes. 400’s A.D.                         Saint Colum & Patrick’s mission work in Ireland long before the catholics arrive. 500’s A.D.                        Saint Colum’s mission work in the Isle, later forced to mix with the catholics. 500-600 A.D.                   King Arthur the 2nd; reigns in the Isles. 600 A.D.                          Prince Madoc son of King Arthur II; goes to North America and takes up to 70,000                                           people with him after a meteor hits in Briton. They are eventually exterminated                                           by the red indians in America. 680 A.D.                           The White horse of revelation begins to ride. The islamic invasions and                                            extermination of Christians through out the mid east and Europe. 967 A.D.                         The Christian Kingdoms of Europe form the begining of Christendom or Christ’s                                          Kingdom. It will last 1,000 years until 1967 when the U.N.’s decolonization of                                          Christendom is finished. Only a remnant remains. 1066 A.D                         The saving crusades of the Christians finally begin and push back the murderous                                           muslim horde. 1100’s A.D.                     Prince Madoc the 2nd; son of Gwynedd goes to North America and sets up                                          communities to avoid the civil war between his brothers in Briton. These                                          communities in America are also exterminated by the red indians. Only remnants                                          and mixed remnants of these migrations remained until the 1800’s. They were                                          called the white indians and welsh indians. Red indians persecuted them as well. 590 B.C.-1950 A.D.        Lost tribes of Israel (House of Israel) form the European nations & empires.                                          Thus, fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant. 1400-1960’s                   Before European Empires arrive in countries around the world (Africa, Asia,                                          America). The native population is living like pre historic man. They live without                                          houses, give human  sacrifices to devils, they are paganistic savages, build huts of                                          poop, give oral sex to animals and bath in urine. (The Lords people have been a                                          true blessing to the world in bringing them out of that, whether they accept it or                                          not)                                           1770                                Rothschild has protocols of the elders of Zion updated. 5/1/ 1776                       (the communist may day celebration)  International Money Changers of the                                          Rothschild  (Red shield) family, also descendants of Esau (noted for being Red),                                          form the illuminati. 7/4/ 1776                        United States of America formed and fulfilled the regathering of the nations                                           (tribes) of Israel/Europe. The nation that is born in a day. 1789                                 Antichrist Money changers take over France in 1789 with the orchestrated                                           French revolution. 1815                                 Rothschild money changers take over Britain's financial market & Britannia itself,                                           after their agents deceive the brits about the outcome of Waterloo. 1820                                 Antichrist agents of the Illuminati develop communism (Reds) & capitalism as                                           tools to take over the world and form the new world order for their father                                           lucifer. 1820’s                              Antichrist communists develop pretrib rapture and the destruction of Gods laws                                           doctrine to infiltrate churches and disarm & destroy Christians to make them                                           apostate. 1861-64                           International money changers (New York bankers) gain control & great influence                                          over the United States. International money changers gain control in southern                                           banks, also push for corruption in Church and educational beliefs. They also set                                           the blacks & carpet baggers loose on the South; raping the ladies & murdering                                           the men. Their only help was the Klan (KKK). 1865                                International Financiers hire KGC to assassinate President Lincoln for issuing the                                          green backs instead of borrowing funds from the New York money changers.                                          They also wanted to stop Mr. Lincoln’s plan to send the blacks back to Africa and                                          end any chance of africanizing & mongrolizing America. 1865                               Money Changers use corporate Capitalism to force out the free market system. It                                         allows great wealth to be gathered and controlled by a few people. It uses rules,                                         regulations, fees and the buddy system to keep the middle class at a                                         disadvantage.   The illuminati and their pawns flourish.  1870-80’s                      luciferian H. Blavatsky tells of a plan to create the next step in evolution by cross                                         breading blacks & whites to form a brown slave race for the illuminati.                                         The blacks in the south speak openly of killing all of the white male population                                         and taking the white females for themselves. They commit many massacres                                         against the whites, which caused the whites to form the KKK for protection. 1880                               Pike & Mazzini letters written about the three world wars to take over the world. 1881                           Garfield assassination; is caused by conflict with bankers (Money Changers) over                                     gold/silver standard. 1900’s                         N.W.O uses immigration to flood the USA with people who are receptive to                                      communism/socialism, such as Mexicans, Jewish, Asians & Africans. 1901                           McKinley assassination; conflict with bankers (Money changers) over gold/silver                                     standard. 1905-09                     Schofield funded by money changers to implement corruptions to deceive Christians                                     to inaction, un-preparedness and allow the wicked, evil ones to flourish. Acceptance                                     of pretrib rapture, lawlessness and initiated the loss of Israelite heritage through                                     dispensationalism / millennialism. This is the seed of the apostasy. 1913                           Money Changers create income tax and form the Federal Reserve Corporation. 1914                           Christian soldiers from Britain, Belgium, France & Germany refuse to fight and                                     celebrate Christmas instead. Solders are threatened with executions by their                                     governments if they do not resume the illuminati's war. 1916                          Christendom (Christ’s Kingdom) controls 90% of the world and sends missionaries                                    into the other 10%; fulfilling the Great Commission. Missions will continue with the                                    use of radio & TV. 1917                          New York money changers fund and support Bolshevik (communist) revolution (the                                    Red horse of revelation) and force the U.S. government to stop fighting the                                    Bolsheviks and allow Christian Russia to fall into communism (Reds). 1917                          Money changers use WW I to implement communism and break the independent                                    European Christian kingdoms. 1920’s                        Antichrist communists develop plan to use minority civil rights to gain control in                                     Churches and government. 1921                          Antichrist Money Changers form the CFR. It is the hand of the illuminati in the United                                    States. 1932                          FDR officially recognizes the communist Stalin regime. This gives the anti-Christ                                    communists world acceptance and a home base to work from to rival & then destroy                                    Christendom. This is the event that saved communism from collapsing. 1939                          International Money Changers create & use WWII to expand communism to rival                                   Christendom. As the Pike & Mazzini letters said. 1946                          Antichrists communist form the seven headed beast, the one world government,                                    Also called the united nations. The beast also has formed the one world Church                                    based on paganism & earth worship (earth day). The World council of churches (WCC                                    previously the NCC). The main mission of the U.N. was decolonization. This was to                                    destroy Christendom and let satan’s communists take over the former colonies. 1945-1950               Tares in the U.S. government gives supplies to communist leader Mao (Chinese                                    communists), instead of shanghai shek (free Christian China). Late 40’s early 1950s:       * Tares in the U.S. state department helps to set up communism in Korea.                       1940’s                     *Communists in the U.S. create the belief in separation of Church and state; that will                                   be used to destroy the hold of protestant Christianity over the nation and prepares                                   the nation for the apostasy & the Nations down fall. *note the large influx of                                   antichrists that migrate into the United States during the 1940’s. 1948                      The antichrists and the beast forms a false prophetic re-gathering they call modern                                Israel. (The false Prophet/ the little horn) Used to deceive Christians & pull Europeans                                away from British Israeli-ism type beliefs. This has been in the works since the late                                    1890’s. One of the first suggested locations was Tunisia, but it was not acceptable for                                 the supposed re-gathering deception. 1948-1968            All European empires (Christendom) fall to communists and the illuminati communist                                gain major political, pastoral, corporate and governmental control of the United States                                (now Soviet America). The only major resistance was the Christian Klan. 1940’s (late)        International financiers/ Money changers force Mao to step aside while they arrange                               the revolution the way they  want done. 1950                      FBI discovers the communist goals for the destruction of America. Few listen. 1950’s                  Communists in the government force integration in the south to forward the luciferian                               breeding plan and the extermination of the white people. 1950’s                  The Korean war is used to distract Americans away from the fact, that the communists                               had infiltrated the U.S. government, main stream churches, Hollywood, and                               corporations in the U.S. 1950-1960’s       U.S. & U.N supports communist over the free katanga-eeze Christians in Congo and                             force out Belgium. Thus the white & also black Christians were exterminated. 1960’s                  Civil rights laws are used to advance black communists and uplift blacks as role models                               To  change the blacks from acting and dressing like Christian whites in public and to get                               whites to Act like the heathen blacks. This advances paganism and the illuminati                               breading program that was spoke of by luciferian Helen Blavatsky.                               Tattooing, scaring, branding, body piercings, sexual body piercings, body mutilations,                               fornications,  adultery and drug use , all become socially acceptable. All are natural                               behaviour from the  heathenistic homelands of the minority’s. (no offence is intended)                               (Bible verses says don’t allow the  heathen  among you or your people will pick up                               their ways).  The Americans did let them in and these perversions destroy the                               traditional family by the 1990,s. This can also be called the africanization or                                   paganization of America. This is the point where the virgin daughter of Zion turns into                               the whore of mystery Babylon. 1967                    USS liberty incident was intended to be used to start the third world war. The false                              prophet modern Israel attacks one of our ships, with intent to sink it and blame it on                              Egypt. 1967                     Esau breaks the yoke of Jacob (True Christianity). Communism & paganism flourishes                               and  Christianity is bound (yoked).Done mostly by the distortion of the constitution and                               the  false claim of separation of Church and state. Christendom has fallen and breaking                               Gods laws, becomes associated with freedom. The only freedom left is the freedom to                               sin. The apostasy has begun & Christendom has ended.  The devil is loosed for a short                               period of time, people are given over  to a reprobate mind and a strong delusion. God’s                               people are lost for a lack of knowledge. 1967                     Abomination of desolation:    Antichrists (Jews that say they are Jews, but are                              not)  claim that collectively, they are the messiah; and take control of  Jerusalem.                              (The devil is loosened for a short time.)*note the wickedness that has filled our country                              since the 1960’s* 1967                     End of the 1,000 years reign of Christ’s Kingdom. Most all of the Christian nations of                               Christendom had now fallen into the hands of the communist anti Christs and only a                               remnant of Christendom remained. Mainly, the U.S. & Britain who are also the two                               witnesses of Revelation.  1968                     Illuminist Rockefeller makes plan to de-industrialize the United States and move the                               nation into 3rd world status and to eventually discard it (U.S.) for their ideal nation,                               after they build it (China). 1960s & 70’s       Vietnam War used to distract Americans away from the fact that communists were                               taking over the U.S.  government, churches and corporations in America. 1968+                   The virgin daughter of Zion/Babylon turning into the whore/mystery Babylon 1970’s                  Church moves into full bloom of the apostasy, accepting all forms of sin and lawlessness                               (Iniquity) and they also refuse to judge a righteous judgement or to rebuke sin. *Today most have confused the apostasy of the Church, with the rapture and are left disarmed and totally unprepared for tribulation*. 1971                      Free china (Taiwan) kicked out of UN as official government of china and communist                                China put in.  This completes one more of the communist goals discovered by the FBI in                                The 1950’s. 1970’s                            Porn legalized & loss of sexual morality increases astronomically 1970’s-present             Intensive Sex Ed implemented, through schools, movies, music, & T.V 1970’s-present             Homosexual abominations are forced onto the children & society and are                                         accepted as an alternate life style. Propaganda increases greatly to get the                                         society to accept homosexual  abominations. 1970’s        Ties with communist china open up trade and a way to drain wealth & technology from the                     U.S.. China (the red dragon) is the ideal nation of the luciferians. 1980’s       U.S. & U.N aid in and support communist (ANC) takeover of South Africa. White Christians are                    murdered and raped by the black communists. Similar to what happened in the South during                    the reconstruction period, before the KKK formed to stop it. 1989           Communist soviet union fakes collapse (& becomes the head that was wounded as If to                     death) to get the U.S.A to disarm the military and allow the corporations to drain wealth and                     technology from the nation. (International financier; Rockefeller’s plan to de industrialize the                     U.S. picks up steam, also called the soviet’s plan to destroy the U.S. without firing a shot.) 1990’s       The once virgin of Babylon shows herself to be the whore or mystery Babylon by rapidly                    Selling out her own people by transferring wealth, industry and technology from the U.S.A. to                    china (The dragon). Who can stand against her? (N.W.O.  goal to reduce U.S. to a third world                    country.) 1990-2000s   Quotas & Hate crimes laws complete the promise of the communists to the minorities to                      give them Preferential treatment over the white people.(documented in the 1930’s                      communist pamphlet “The Negro in Soviet America”) 2011             Homosexuality & bestiality legalized in U.S. military!! 2003-2015+    The U.S. places anti Christians in charge of Iraq and intentional causes a genocide of                           Christians. Many Christians flee to the kurd region and mainly to Syria for safety.                           The U.S. & modern Israel then support the Syrian terrorists, who begin horribly                           massacring Christians in Syria and into the northern regions of Iraq. Christians are                           crucified, beheaded, cannibalized, butchered and hung in slaughter houses, blood drained                           and used as a prize for muslims. The blood of the saints is on the hands of the whore of                           Babylon. The Christian population of Iraq went from 1.5 million to 200,000! The Christian                           population of Syria went from 1.3 million to 700,000! And the apostate western Church                           remained silent! 2015        The whore of Babylon forces homosexual and transsexual perversions onto the people.                  Christians are forced to serve them and share public bath rooms and showers with them.                  Women & girls by law are now forced to shower with men who say they are girls. Most Probable Tribulation sequence 1. End of Christendom and the last Christian hold out; the United States. Christians persecuted and looked down upon, somewhat due to the apostate church and largely due to all the anti-Christs. True Christians (the Remnant) have nowhere in the world to go. 2. Mystery Babylon(United States) is destroyed in an hour by the communists (S.C.O.) 3. Beast (United Nations) & False Profit (believed to be modern Israel) removed from power and thrown into the lake of fire. 4. Satan (the dragon), Gog/Magog (S.C.O.) are gathered to battle the Camp of the Saints and the Beloved City (The remnant in the new Promised Land; USA). 5. Jesus sends his Angels to gather his remnant to him. This is the rapture! The last trump! 6. Gog & Magog is destroyed and satan is cast into the lake of fire forever. 7. Judgement day: the Great White Throne of Judgement   Jesus Christ our messiah and the Feasts of Israel The Feasts of Israel are tied to significant prophetic events of our Messiah Jesus Christ. Listed below are events on the Feasts of Israel and the relationship of the Old Testament and the New Testament. 1. The Passover- The 14th day of Abib.        Old Testament: For remembrance for freedom from Egyptian bondage and to remind Israel that if they do what God tells them to he will save them. On this day in particular by the blood of the sacrificed Lamb being placed on the door posts of the Hebrews for salvation from the destroyer. The Destroyer Passed over and did not kill their first born.        New Testament: Jesus was crucified on the cross for the sacrifice for our sin, so that we can have freedom from the bondage of sin. The Lamb of God gave his life blood to save us from sin and death, if we will do what he has told us to. Repent, be baptized, keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  2. The Feast of Unleavened Bread: 15th day of Abib.            Old Testament: Commemorates the hardships of the people of Israel, during their flight to escape            the bondage of Egypt.            New Testament: The body of Jesus Christ is placed into the tomb. 3. The Feast of First Fruits: 16th day of Abib.             Old Testament: This day is to dedicate the First Fruits of the Barley harvest to God Almighty.             New Testament: Jesus Christ is resurrected on this day.  Jesus is the first of the first fruits showing             us the way to resurrection. 4. The Feast of Pentecost: On the day after the 7th Sabbath              Old Testament: 3,000 are slain for turning away from God, after Mosses returns from mountains               with the Commandments of God. Dedicated to the first fruits of the wheat harvest.              New Testament: 3,000 are saved when the Holy Spirit comes upon them, during St. Peters              sermon of the Pentecost. They repent, and are Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. They are led               to God, through Jesus Christ.              Today: This may be the day major events in tribulation begin, such as the fall of Babylon.                                              ***Tribulation falls between these two feasts**** 5. The Feast of Trumpets :              Old Testament: A day to proclaim Liberty and ushers in the Sabbatical month.             New Testament: This is the day of the rapture. (This is at the end of tribulation; the 7th trump.) A day to proclaim Liberty. The day of the last trump when the mystery of God is revealed. The day the dead in Christ rise and Jesus sends his angels to gather us (his remnant) up, just before he sends down fire to destroy the unrepentant.  6. The Day of Atonement: 10th day of the 7th month.              Old Testament: This is the day for the atonement of sins. This is done by giving sacrifices at the               Temple.              New Testament:  This is the day Jesus will intercede for us to the Father on judgement day,               because Jesus has atoned for our sin. Jesus is our perfect sacrifice for our sin. 7. The Feast of Tabernacles:                Old Testament: This is done to remember God’s protection and shelter, during the Hebrews                years of wandering in the wilderness and to rejoice for the completion of harvest.                New Testament: Jesus brings the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, giving us protection and shelter.                This completes the harvest for God’s Kingdom.       The Jewish use two different calendars one for the sacred feasts and one for the civil year. The names of these months are unclear due to the Babylonian corruptions. Only the names of four Hebrew months are found in the old Testament. The sacred year begins with the spring equinox and follows with these months: 1st month- March/ April                                6th Month- August/ September            2nd month- April/ May                                   7th Month- September/ October 3rd month- May/ June                                    8th Month- October/ November 4th Month- June/ July                                     9th Month- November/ December 5th Month- July/ August                                10th Month- December/ January                                                                             11th Month- January/ February                                                                             12th Month- February/ March