The lost tribes of Israel found!! Mt. Zion: the re-gathering of Israel Christian Heritage Mission Mobilis in Mobilia       Freedom in a Free World   We are dedicated in promoting the Word of God and developing  environments that foster traditional Christian living and values.   We are the body of Christ; and we must take action and do the work of the Body. This will show our faith in Christ and also that we love  the Lord thy God.   To successfully do the Lord’s work; we are developing and hope to support traditional Christian families, schools, Churches and communities to ensure that Christianity thrives and prospers once again.   This we hope will bring in the environment for the formation of the camp of the Saints.     Our Mission                                                                Christian Heritage Mission Striving to build a better tomorrow by developing an environment favorable toward Christian living, values and the following of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.   Goals 1. Develop traditional Christian communities. 2. Provide Christians around the world a better standard of living and     free us from persecution. 3. Promote Christian knowledge by spreading the word of God throughout     all forms of media. 4. Provide legal assistance for Christians in need. 5. Provide an environment supportive of Christian living. 6. Provide security for Christians and their immediate families. 7. Provide grants to aid others in doing the Lord’s work . 8. Provide assistance to Christians in need of medical and financial help. Intended aid to help the remnant: 1. Provide residence in secure gated Christian communities, with Churches, schools,     libraries, clinics, & employment for their families. 2. Provide grants to Churches and individuals who will do the Lord’s work. 3. Operate and provide grants to medical clinics and alternative health medical     clinics to help the sick. 4. Place Holy Bible verses, Christian information and programing in newspaper,     billboards, radio and TV. 5. Operate soup kitchens to feed the hungry with food and the Word of God. 6. Operate Christian resource centers around the world to aid the persecuted. 7. Donate books for libraries around the world. Become a true Christian:  * Love the Lord thy God (Mat.22 v. 37) * Believe in and on the Lord, Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ (John 3:16) * Repent and be Baptised. (Acts 2:38, 22:16, 1 Peter 3:21, Mark 6:12) * Confess (Romans 10:9) * Keep the commandments of God and have faith in and testimony of the Lord, Saviour and Messiah Jesus Christ. (Rev. 12:17, Deut. 30:16, Rev.14:12) * Have a sword. (Luke 22:36) * Have a shelter to enter into. (Isaiah 26:20,21) * Have supplies to last to the end. (Mark 13:13 Matt. 25:1-12) * Come out of Babylon. (Rev. 18:4,5) (be self sufficient) Protestant Church of the United States of America                     Tell us your opinion of this project, click here Contact us if you would like to be involved in this project