Protestant Church of America                        The lost tribes of Israel found!! Brothers in Israel!! Brothers in Christ!! *All information provided on the website is for research and educational purposes only. We do not endorse any services or products or sites* Fulfilment of the Abrahamic covenant!! Fulfilment of the Great Commission!! The Life of Jesus the Christ & the Good News                       Joseph & Mary going to Bethlehem  Joseph & Mary at the Inn Joseph, Mary and Jesus at the manger  The Shepard’s come to worship Jesus  The 3 wise men of Parthia & thousands  of soldiers come looking for Jesus The wise men follow the signs in the heavens to find Jesus The wise men bringing gifts and worship for Jesus Joseph & Mary take Jesus to Egypt after a warning that Herod was trying to kill Jesus The Edomite Jewish king Herod has his troops kill all the boy children  up to two years old  Joseph & Mary take Jesus to Nazareth from Egypt Joseph with Jesus and cousin John Jesus learning carpentry from Joseph while Mary looks on Jesus working in the woodshop 12 year old Jesus in the temple After the passing of Jesus earthly dad, his uncle Joseph of Arimathea takes him  into his care and takes him to Britain   Jesus and Joseph arrive in Somerset, Britain  Joseph teaching Jesus how to operate a smelter Jesus & Joseph build a wattle Church and a wattle home in the Glastonbury area for the Virgin Mary, so she will have a place to live after Joseph, Mary and the disciples are forced by the Jews to leave Judea after the crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus the Christ   Joseph & Jesus return to Palestine to prepare His Ministry  Jesus is baptized by his cousin John the Baptist Jesus is baptised by his cousin John the Baptist Jesus gathering his disciples Jesus thrashing the  money changers out of the Temple  Jesus thrashing the  money changers out of the Temple  Jesus thrashing the  money changers out of the Temple  Jesus healing the crippled   The original apostles of Jesus Christ  Jesus and disciples gather at Mt. Tabor  Jesus & Peter walking on water Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead Jesus walking on water Jesus feeds the 4,000 Jesus in conflict with the leaders of the Jews The transfiguration Jesus at odds with the leaders of the Jews again Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead Jesus and the Apostles at the last supper  Jesus telling the apostles that those who didn’t have a sword should sell their very own coat and get one Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane while the Apostles fall asleep After plotting to kill Jesus the leaders of the Jews  send the Jewish solders to get Jesus  at the garden The leaders of the Jews try Jesus, but they are unable to kill him The leaders of the Jews try to force Pontius Pilot to kill Jesus but pilot finds no fault worthy of death and sends them to their King Herod  Jesus before king Herod  Pontius Pilot pleading for Jesus to be released   Pontius Pilot finds no fault worthy of death in Jesus and washes his hands of the matter , but due to threats of the Jews and their influence with Caesar. Pilot turns Jesus over to the Jews to have their way.    The leaders of the Jews take Jesus to be crucified Jesus crucified and becomes the lamb of the sacrifice for our sin.  Jesus on the Cross Soldiers cast lots for Jesus robe Jesus resurrected and the tomb left empty The empty tomb Jesus and the Apostles after the resurrection Jesus and doubting Tomas  The ascension into heaven of Jesus the Christ Pentecost The Apostles of Jesus Christ The persecution by the anti-Christ Jews & deaths of the Apostles Joseph, the Virgin Mary & the 12 flee to Britain to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to avoid the Jews wrath  Josephs staff that sprouted into a thorn tree at Glastonbury Ancient carving of Jesus and Mary’s name at Glastonbury Glastonbury, where Joseph of Arimathea  and the Virgin Mary were buried  and also one of the places King Arthur had been buried The chalice well, where the Holy Grail had been hidden The Church of Glastonbury in its hay day Add: D.J. Smith’s story Pontis Pilate’s letter to Ceasar Pontis Pilate Paul and Joseph of Arimathea Unknown Joseph of Arimathea and David's Throne  in Britain! John D. Keyser England the Remnant of Judah and the Israel  of Ephraim Rev. F.R.A. Glover Glastonbury or the English Jerusalem Rev. C.L. Marson Heirs of the Promise Pastor Dan Gayman Christ in Cornwall? Rev. H.A. Lewis Chapters on the Early History of Glastonbury  Abbey Rev. William H.P. Greswell
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